Ermioni: The place that has it all!

A picturesque peninsula on the edge of Argolis, turned into a coastal village between the cosmopolitan Hydra and Spetses, a tourist destination that has nothing to envy the rest of the Argosaronic islands.


From Athens: 170 km (2h 30 min)


Hydra 30 minutes, Spetses 40 minutes, Nafplio 1 hour


Kouverta, Petrothalassa, Lepitsa, Dardiza, Godai Seascape


Capari Ermioni Studios

Seven detached houses on a 12 acre farm adjacent to the coastal road Ermioni - Portocheli. It is 30 meters from the sea and 1 km from the city. All 7 houses overlook the Bay of Kapari.

     Each residence consists of:


a. From a single room of 30 sq.m.

b. Bedroom in attic 15 sq.m.

c. Terrace of 15 sq.m.


In Greek mythology Ermioni was the only daughter Menelaos and Elena had acquired together.

Our Best


Your summer vacation is a great pleasure to rent in Capari studios. Large outdoor play area for children to play safely, playgrounds, comfortable and well-equipped rooms.


Each house in the Capari apartments consists of a single space of 30 m,, a bedroom in an attic of 15 m.. and a terrace of 15 sq.m.


Each home has a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and kitchenware, a TV, WiFi and air conditioning.


All houses have a large terrace with great views of the courtyard and the sea.


Your car will be safe and protected in a covered parking lot inside the estate.


In the courtyard you will find table tennis, a playground, a football pitch, volleyball courts and basketball courts to entertain your friends or your children.

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Our Beaches

What you must have done before leaving Ermioni



The forest on the edge of the Ermioni peninsula. It is a small paradise within the settlement, as it gives you the opportunity to walk among the pine trees next to the sea. The site is also of archaeological interest, as brilliant temples of antiquity were built here. In addition, on the central plateau of the forest, the visitor meets the stone foundations of the Sophia Temple of Athena.

On the edge of the peninsula, in the Poseidio site stands the whitewashing mill of Mitsaion (Ermionite heroes of 1821) and the temple of Poseidon was at the same spot.


In general, a visit to Bisti is worth it, either you are fascinated by archeology (there was also a temple dedicated to the god Helios – Apollo and goddess Dimitra) on the peninsula, or you simply seek relaxation as the benches on both sides of the forest will help you enjoy the breathtaking view of the endless blue but also the tranquil ambience of the environment.


About 6 km northwest of Ermioni is the Kafafiki Gorge. According to mythology the point was an entrance to Hades. Rocky scenery, caves, lush vegetation, a stone bridge and the 1740 chapel of St. Nicholas (celebrating May 9th) compose a landscape of unique beauty worth crossing.

Franchthi Cave

It is one of the most important caves in Europe and certainly in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The cave is 150 meters deep and 30 meters wide. The Franchthi cave is one of the most important prehistoric sites in the Greek area.

It was probably first inhabited by the Neanderthal man during the Mustachea period 40,000 years BC, but certainly by Homo sapiens in the period after 30,000 BC. 25,000 years have been excavated to date and there is evidence that the cave was continuously inhabited from 20,000 to 3,000 BC. where it collapsed.

All Neolithic clay fragments are internal black and brown exterior, bases without mugs and handles, or some decorative flat lips.

Figurines, beads, jewelry, and worked shells were still found in female (younger Neolithic) era. All the findings are in the archaeological museum of Nafplio.

The excavations have been carried out only in the front area of ​​the cave with an area of ​​700 sq.m. The rest is blocked off by the roof and may hide unique information.

The excavations were made by Indiana and Pennsylvania Universities from 1967-1976 led by Professor Thomas Jacobsen.

Ermioni Toy Museum

A unique capture museum is located in Ermioni, the museum that explores the history of the game from antiquity to the present day. A museum that opened its gates thanks to the action of the Ermian League.

Ermioni Folklore Museum

Housed in the renovated Oikonomou house where the 3rd National Assembly (1827) began, which was completed in Troezina, the Folk Art Museum of Ermioni is the representation of a typical Hermioneite house. Upstairs there is a historical section giving information not only about the National Assembly that took place there, but also on the contribution of the Hermioneans to the Revolution of 1821. In the garden of the 18th century house there are the statues of the brothers Mitsa, heroes of the Greeks. revolution.

Μonastery of Agioi Anargyroi

Saint Anargyroi is the patron saint of the area and visiting the monastery is an important pilgrimage. In the church inside the monastery you will admire unique murals, works of the 17th century Cretan school.


It is certain that you will not get bored in this place, since you can go to another beach every day, try countless delicacies at local taverns and restaurants, have fun in the harbor or Mandrakia, stroll in the Bisti forest in at the edge of the settlement or at Katafiki Gorge, and when you have exhausted all your options, you can go to Nafplio (85km from Ermioni), visit Mycenae, find the most neighboring resorts: Porto Heli, Hydra, up to watch a show at Ancient Epidaurus. Yes, all of these possibilities are so close to Ermioni!

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